Semestertermine 2017

Die Semestertermine 2017 gibt es auch hier auf einen Blick als PDF.

Spring Term
January 8 Students return before House meetings
February 12-19 Project Week
March 11 Environmental Laureates Convention at the College
April 1-2 Host Family Weekend
April 13-18 Easter Break
May 1-19 IB Exam starts
May 21 Closing Ceremony
May 22 2nd Years leave
May 25-27 Outdoor Weekend for Y1
June 2 Last day of classes for Y1
June 9 1st Years leave
Fall Term
September 4 Start of classes
September 23 Open Day Celebration
October 1-8 Project Week
October 21-22 Host Family Weekend
October 29 – November 5 Fall Break
December 20 Students leave for Winter Break