“Here, I feel free, I feel me.”

Zuhal from Afghanistan has been a student at UWC Robert Bosch College for a year. In October 2015, she came to Germany with her family, as a refugee from Afghanistan. In this short video by journalist Philine Sauvageot, Zuhal and her mother speak about their new life in Germany and their home, Afghanistan, now and then.


On the run: Portrait about John Michael from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

For 8 years, he has been on the run from the Congo to Swaziland; finally, John Michael came to Freiburg in 2015 as a scholarship student, starting his program at UWC Robert Bosch College. In this portrait by journalist Philine Sauvageot, he shares some of his experiences as a refugee as well as passages from the autobiographical novel “The Journey Much Desired”, which he is in the process of writing and is planning to publish in the near future.


Closing Ceremony 2017 live

For those who have missed the Closing Ceremony of our second generation of students: here is the link to the complete event on YouTube, inclduing speeches chair of our board Dr. Christof Bosch as well as guest of honor H.R.H. Princess Sarvath al-Hassan.


Young Talents Day Video

In March, we hosted the Young Talents Day, a part of Freiburg’s International Convention of Environmental Laureates, for the third time. Learn more about the exchange between students and environmental activists in this video.


Students meet environmental activists from all over the world

On Saturday, March 11, UWC Robert Bosch College hosted the Young Talents Day for the third time, which is a part of the European Convention of International Laureates, organized by the European Environment Foundation and the city of Freiburg. Over 70 prize winners spent a day at the College, discussing issues around climate change and sustainability with students from 15 Freiburg schools as well as the University of Freiburg.

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