CAS Program

Creativity, Action and Service: A core component of UWC education


Garden CAS: Making juice from homegrown apples is part of learning about organic farming and cultivating our 500 years-old schoolgarden.

Active participation in the CAS program is a requirement for obtaining the IB-Diploma at UWC Robert Bosch College. CAS stands for Creativity, Activity and Service and represents a core component of UWC education. Taking responsibility, developing social, creative and outdoor skills as well as learning to approach others with empathy are at the heart of the program. Once a week, students engage in projects that aim to help them develop these skills, while at the same time getting to know Freiburg and the surrounding area.

Within our CAS programme, we offer 40 service projects alltogether, 24 of them are in cooperation with communal institutions. These service partners include schools, kindergartens, care homes for the elderly as well as other institutions that support socially disadvantaged individuals. We have also included the support for refugees into our extracurricular program and work with several shelters in Freiburg through our CAS-Service programme. Some of the activities we offer are: Child Care, a Buddy Program, a Women’s Cafe, translation services and English support. Last April, we invited a group of local refugees to our College for an afternoon of music, games, food and conversations.


Developing trust and giving support is key in our work with young local refugees who are new to Freiburg.

No matter which projects the students participate in, they are expected to show intitiative and personal responsibility. Often, students lead their own creative projects or physical activities, like Bollywood Dance, Filmmaking or Soccer. The learning outcomes are collected in CAS reflections at the end of each term, accompanied by discussions with and feedback from the CAS-Coordinator.

See here for an overview of our current CAS Service programs.

Becoming a CAS partner

Are you a local organization and interested in working with young people? Get in touch: email hidden; JavaScript is required


Service Example: Cooperation with our neighbor, the care home Johannisheim, which explores connection between generations though art.


Activity Example: Yoga in our Room of Silence, offered by various UWC teachers with a Yoga degree.