Special Focus Days

Providing a platform for important topics

A UWC tradition and part of the curriculum: The Special Focus Days, which look closely at different subjects relevant in the world or the UWC community and often take place for an entire school day. At UWC Robert Bosch College, we organize five Special Focus Days per year focusing on themes like religion, peace and conflict, sustainability, Model United Nations or human rights. These days allow students to engange deeper with a subject matter and broaden their perspectives beyond the classroom. Special Focus Days are planned and organized by a team of students and staff members and may include workshops, presentations by students or guest speakers, excursions, interactive forms of discussions or games. “Interfaith Dialogue”, for example, puts religion into the center for one day. With 200 students from 88 different countries living together in one space, day and night, and sharing their every-day life, religion is most certainly a topic that comes up. Workshop on Reiki, Islam, Ancient Religions, Syncretism or Islam help both students and staff members to reflect about the meaning of religion in their lives. Like with so many things at UWC, Interfaith Day is a play with perspectives.

The following topics were offered at the College so far:


Workshop on the basics of Hebrew, coordinated by our students from Israel.

  • Interfaith Dialogue (Dialog zwischen den Religionen)
  • Peace & Conflict Resolution (Friedenskonzepte und Konfliktbewältigung)
  • Sustainability (Nachhaltigkeit)
  • Human Rights (Menschenrechte)
  • Model United Nation (MUN)


Student Impressions about Special Focus Days:


Participants of a workshop during our first Interfaith Dialogue Day at the College. Workshops are offered either by students or guests speakers, i.e. representatives of faith groups from Freiburg and beyond. The goal is to share aspects of one’s religion in order to become more knowledgeable and promote understanding.


Impression from a  MUN (Model United Nations) Focus Day. One Day long, UN situations are simulated, each student takes on the perspective of a representetive country.

  • “Peace and Conflict day was about exploring conflicts: inner conflicts, friendship quarrels, and global conflicts. Through going to different workshops, I learned to look at conflicts from different perspectives. Conflict isn’t always negative, it can even give space to great discoveries and innovation.”
    (Nhu, RBC 2015-2017 on “Peace and Conflict Day”)
  • “Even though the challenge is huge, I am positive towards peaceful solutions on todays conflicts after our dialogues”
    (Tiril, RBC 2014-2016 on “Peace and Conflict Day”)
  • It’s one of those days on which we envisage and hold a discourse upon our own ideas; interrogate them with confrontational rationales amidst the vastness of belief systems, philosophies and religions out there. [...] this creates a sort of diversity; the diversity of faiths. That’swhat we have contemplated upon, comprehended and celebrated today.”
    (Ming, RBC 2014-2016 on “Interfaith Dialogue”)