Young Talents Day

Students meet Environmental Laureates at the Young Talents Day

The Young Talents Day at UWC Robert Bosch College is part of Freiburg’s European Convention of International Laureates, which takes place once a year and gathers winners of environmental prizes from all over the world for tree days. In cooperation with the Environment Foundation and the Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe – FWTM as well as Regierungspräsidium and the University of Freiburg, UWC hosts the day as a platform for exchange between students and laureates. The circa 80 laureates meet students from UWC, the university and up to 20 local Freiburg area schools and get the opportunity to discuss environmental topics, talk about their projects, the sustainability issues in their home country or ask questions. Should nuclear power play a role in the energy mix of the future? Do we collectively need to change our behavior and oiur values to solve environmental problems? These are examples of questions that are discussed and sometimes prepared beforehand by the student participants.


Im Gespräch mit den Preisträgern: Studenten der Universität Freiburg, Schüler des UWC sowie diverser Schulen aus dem Raum Freiburg und Südbaden.


Austausch fördern und ein Netzwerk aufbauen: Der Young Talents Day bietet eine Plattform für den Dialog zwischen Generationen.

In March 2017, we hosted the day for the third time; a popular guests among the students this year was pedagogue and activist Bunker Roy, who is known for the foundation of the Barefoot College and who has been selected as one of the Time 100 most influential personalities. His advice for the young generation: “Choose a path that is right for you and learn a skill that sets you apart”. Education institutions, says Roy, should encourage students, not discourage them. Winners of the Nuclear-Free Future Award Golden Misabiko from the Democratic Republic of Congo had a clear message for the students: “If the Congo river suffers, then this effects all of us, also you in Western Europe”. He has travelled to Freiburg for the fourth time now, he says: “And every time I reach a few more people with my message — that gives me courage”.

This year’s guests also included Txai and Iago, two representatives of the organisation Engajamundo. They are the winners of the online contest Youth for the Environment; part of the prize was an afternoon at the College, which the two spent partly in the garden helping our Garden-CAS plant plum trees together with students and volutneers from Freiburg.


Die Gewinner des Jugendwettbewerbs “Youth for the Environment”, Engajamundo, machen Stimmung bei der Eröffnung des Young Talents Day.

On Saturday, Txai und Iago presented their project both at the Opening in the Auditorium and during the Music und Market, which gives local environment organizations a platform to exhibit their work and projects, to provide information and get in touch with interested students. This year, seven exhibitors followed the invitationamong them the organic farm Kunzenhof, the organisation Viva con Agua, the Water Festival Freiburg, the NABU Kaiserstuhl as well as Hebelschule from Schliengen.

„Initially, I thought it is us who should inspire the students. And we do, but in the end we learn so much from these young people and their ideas. Every time I am here, I leave with a new thought”, says Balgis Osman Elasha from Sudan. For the climate expert with the Champions of the Earth Award, the Young Talents Day is a highlight of the three-day long event, she has been here for the third time. And maybe next year, too, when UWC will welcome laureates from all over the world again for the 2018 Young Talents Day.

Young Talents Day
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