Freiburg libraries

We are partnering with a number of libraries in Freiburg – UB Freiburg, Carl Schurz Haus, Stadtbibliothek, and Centre Culturel Francais – to make their collections and services accessible to students and staff.

Universit├Ątsbibliothek Freiburg

uni-fr-logo-grundversion-01The Universit├Ątsbibliothek (UB) Freiburg is the Freiburg University library and its vast holdings of academic publications (6 million books and other media) are a very valuable resource for research. The College organizes access for all students and students receive their library cards during the mandatory group introductions to the UB , combined with an introduction to library research, by the UB staff. The UB’s catalogue Katalog plus can be searched here, but please note that the UB journals and databases can only be searched on-site. The UB is currently located at the alte Messeplatz near the ZO mall and will move back to its original location near the theatre downtown before the end of the year. Access for UWC RBC students is Mon-Fri 8-20 and Sat 10-18.

Carl Schurz Haus