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Living with the world

Living and studying together with a diverse cross section of young people from all around the world gives UWC its special character. That´s why UWC Robert Bosch College welcomes students to share participate in this experience, irrespective of their financial background, political standpoint, religion, origin, language and gender.

When Kurt Hahn founded the first UWC in 1962, he was looking for young people who showed extensive curiosity, energy, persistence, determination, empathy and a willingness to sacrifice personal interests. Today, over 50 years later, National Committees all over the world are still looking for these characteristics in students’ applications. If you would like to apply to UWC, you should be looking for more than a cultural exchange or living abroad for a while.

UWC students distinguish themselves through their

  • enthusiasm for new experiences and an openness to get to know different cultures
  • willingness to fully commit and contribute to the activities and the social life of the UWC community
  • talent and motivation to complete the academic program successfully
  • genuine interest toward the values of the UWC movement
  • maturity and sense of moral responsibility
  • ability to communicate in English

Are you interested in applying to UWC? Candidates can do so by contacting the National Committee of their country of origin or residence. In case that such Committee might not exist in their country of origins, please contact the UWC International Office in London.

German Students

The German UWC Committee is responsible for the application and selection process of German applicants. Interested students submit their application and, if they make it through the first, written application round, are invited to a 3-day long selection weekend. Each year, the German National Committee selects around 40-50 students. 25 of them  attend UWC Robert Bosch College, the others are sent to UWCs around the world. Applications can be received from students living in Germany, who will be at least 16 and at most 18 years old upon starting their school year. Applicants have to be at minimum in 10th grade.

Applications are only possible through the German UWC Committee. If you have any questions regarding the application, please visit the German NC’s website. 

Application Platform uf UWC Germany — click here.