UWC Short Course

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UWC Short Courses are a unique opportunity to meet young people from a range of different countries and deep-dive into topics of intercultural, social or cultural importance for two weeks. Organized by UWC Germany, the program aims to familiarize participants with the UWC values and enable critical engagment and youth dialogue in Germany and beyond. The Short Courses are based on the nine core values of UWC:

  • International and intercultural understanding
  • Celebration of difference
  • Personal responsibility and integrity
  • Mutual responsibility and respect
  • Compassion and service
  • Respect for the environment
  • A sense of idealism
  • Personal challenge
  • Action and personal example

The first UWC Short Courses in Germany dates back to 2009 (“Shaping Society!”), and was followed by a special UWC Short Course focusing on sustainability in Freiburg in 2012 (“Taking responsibility”). Last year, UWC Robert Bosch College students had the opportunity to facilitate the 2105 Short Course “Overcoming Walls” in Berlin, which focused specifically on social conflicts.

Building a Sustainable Future

2016 saw the UWC Short Course return to Freiburg, for the first time hosted by UWC Robert Bosch College after its opening in 2014. Freiburg as a role-model for ecological and technological innovation and sustainability is an ideal location for the UWC Short Course “Building a Sustainable Future”. The course invited 60 young people to discuss ideas connected to sustainability. The programme was to enable participants to identify and critically engage with different core topics related to sustainability, like ecology, economy, politics, society, technology. We live in a time facing many regional and global challenges that question existing and dominant practices of consumption, production and structuring. With global warming and global mass migration movements, questions need to be asked as to what a sustainable future might look like and what we can do in the present to achieve this.

The programme consisted of workshops and seminars discussing relevant theory and practice, as well as opportunities to meet the community, organizations and individuals to learn from. The participants were also encouraged and enabled to organise their own projects and develop strategies of how they themselves can contribute to a sustainable future. This enabled them to proactively use and assess their learning experiences and to share their learning in their home communities.

The team of international trainers and facilitators was made up of UWC alumni and experts who are familiar with UWC Short Courses and the various topics of sustainability. In addition, students and staff of UWC Robert Bosch College, which actively focuses on sustainability, joined the team to share their learnings and experiences.

Information regarding the 2017 Short Course will be shared on this page shortly.