IB Diploma Programme

The academic program at all current UWCs is based on the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB Diploma). The IB is internationally recognized for its challenging and balanced academic program. It can be taught in English, Spanish and French. The academic language at UWC Robert Bosch College will be English, although previous proficiency in English is not required. It is envisaged that UWC Robert Bosch College will offer the IB Diploma in English.

UWC Robert Bosch College is an IB World School. These are schools that share a common philosophy – a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that UWC Robert Bosch College believes is important for our students.

IB_Learner_ProfileThe International Baccalaureate Organization (IB) is a foundation seated in Geneva. Each year around 750.000 students graduate all around the world with the IB Diploma.

To complete the IB Diploma, students must choose a course from each of the five subject areas: studies in language and literature, language acquisition, individuals and societies, experimental sciences and mathematics. As sixth subject area, students choose from one within the arts or a further subject from one of the five subject areas. Furthermore, students engage in an independent in-depth research project around a self-identified topic, resulting in an Extended Essay (4,000 words), and take part in an additional course: Theory of Knowledge. This course develops a coherent approach to learning, unifying all academic disciplines and encourages students to think critically, to understand the nature of knowing and of knowledge as a human construction.

In addition students are required to take part in at least 150 hours of extracurricular activities within the fields of creativity, action and service (CAS). UWC students generally exceed this minimum by far.

UWCs have long-standing experience with the IB Diploma. UWC Atlantic was one of a small group of schools instrumental in its establishment. UWCs have significantly influenced its development over time and surpass most of its standards and requirements. Numerous courses that are by now part of the IB Diploma were developed at and by UWCs, for example: Political Thought, World Religions, Peace and Conflict Studies, Environmental Systems and Societies (UWC Atlantic College), World Arts and Cultures (UWC of the Adriatic) and Beginner´s Hindi, World Studies Extended Essay – a new, official option for the Extended Essay (Mahindra UWC of India).

Collectively, UWC graduates achieve grades significantly above the world average. With their IB Diploma, UWC graduates are well prepared to face the requirements and challenges at world-renowned universities. German UWC graduates are well received and wanted students, usually studying at German, English or USA universities known for innovation. Many German UWC alumni have been admitted to the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes.