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At UWC Robert Bosch College, students from all over the world enjoy education that goes way beyond knowledge transfer. For two years, young adults learn together, independently from socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic, national or religious backgrounds. Did you know that about 70% of the students at UWC Robert Bosch College are supported by means of a full scholarship, about 30% by means of a partial scholarship? In order for young people to make these experiences, we depend on donations.

UWC Robert Bosch College focuses on sustainability in particular: The young adults benefit from the knowledge and the experiences of an industrial nation, which contributes to find solutions for world problems through technology. It is this knowledge and the experiences with German culture and society that the students take home with them after two years.

The concept of the school shows that the foundation as well as the maintenance of UWC Robert Bosch College are a particular challenge, which private companies and the public sphere face together. By doing so, the partners provide long-term financial support to the school. If you wish to be part of this trend-setting school project, please get in touch.

How can you support us?

  • Support the holistic education of young students from all over the world through donations for scholarships.
  • Support UWC Robert Bosch College by, for example, donating bikes that you do not need any longer. .
  • Support institutions within the college, like the Weickart Library, financially or by means of book donations.
  • Support UWC Robert Bosch College through a donation for any purpose chosen by you!

We gratefully accept donations by direct transfer to the following account:

UWC Robert Bosch College
Donors Account
Sparkasse Freiburg Nördlicher Breisgau

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