11. Mai 2022


  • Wie sieht das RBC Schulleben mit den derzeitigen Corona Einschränkungen aus?
  • Wie ist unser Gastfamilienprogramm davon betroffen?

Rektor’s Updates

Im Folgenden finden Sie den jeweils aktuellen Brief (im Englischen) unseres Rektors an die Elternschaft und die Betreuerinnen und Betreuer unserer Schülerinnen und Schüler sowie die Nationalkomittees. Vergangene Briefe finden Sie am Ende des Berichts.

10th May 2022


Dear Parents and Guardians of 2nd year students,

The final examination period is proceeding smoothly, and your children / RBC’s 2nd year students are preparing and writing their examinations in good circumstances (for most). The weather is lovely, which also helps create a positive and calmer atmosphere with students able to study and recreate outdoors while enjoying the colours, fragrance and sounds of Spring.

For those Parents and Guardians who are planning to come to Freiburg on Sunday 22nd May, to fetch your children and / or their accumulated two-years’ worth of luggage, the Leadership Team and I would like to invite you to afternoon Tea starting at 3pm in the Kartaus courtyard. Naturally, you may be accompanied by your children. For Parents and Guardians planning to arrive on the Monday morning (23rd May), please pause to share a cup of coffee and a bretzel anytime from 8am till midday.

In recent days Germany has withdrawn most of its Covid measures. However, the world (including Germany) is far from having defeated the Covid-19 virus. I have taken the view that it would be both unwise and unfair now suddenly to reverse the decision announced on the 23rd February, and to make the Closure Ceremony open to those Parents and Guardians who at rather short notice still could reach Freiburg. Of course, I wish things were different! A livestream of the Closure Ceremony is planned.

We have enjoyed the visits of Parents and Guardians who were able to arrange visits to Freiburg in recent weeks, and I hope that these visits gave you good glimpse into your children’s lives over the last 20 months, including the friends they have made.

Currently RBC has some members of staff who have tested positive for Covid-19 (and who naturally are in quarantine in their homes), and now we also have two 2nd year students who have tested positive this week who have subsequently moved to the quarantine Student House (their families have been informed). While these students remain well enough, we have and will make provisions for them to write their final papers in the quarantine House common room, supervised by members of staff who recently have recovered from Covid-19 and for whom risks of re-infection are low. You will understand that these are not ideal circumstances. I remain reasonably confident that the student infections are not from each-other, yet I have to urge all students to remain careful in their masking and in their behaviour. Students who may have come into closer contact with those who are infected are under stricter masking requirements and are testing daily. RBC continues to test all students and staff twice weekly, even though this is no longer required by regulation.

We hope for a great conclusion to your children’s UWC educational journey at RBC. We remember that they are of a privileged minority whose schooling has been able to continue mostly uninterrupted over the two academic years, even if their wider off-campus experience has been a bit curtailed. As teachers and administrators, we also are grateful that we have been able to play our roles mostly in-person and not primarily online, even if we would have wished for this to be unmasked!


With best wishes,

Laurence Nodder



Vergangene Updates rund um den Umgang des Colleges mit der Corona-Situation:


25. Mai 2022
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20. Mai 2022
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