02. December 2019

25% Alumni Participation Rate: Final Report

For everyone who has been following the progress of our Alumni & Friends Scholarship Challenge, here is our final report on the breakdown of donations received. From the 112 total donation entries, 91 came directly from our alumni. A fourth of our current alumni cohort made up for almost a third of the raised money for a school as young as ours, this is a fantastic result. We are happy about the engagement from our alumni community as well as the fundraising successes we’ve had as a staff and student community, through our charity concerts as well as our Open Day. On Friday, the Heidehof-Stiftung confirmed their participation in the challenge. They will match the amount raised by us to become a full scholarship for a student from a SOS Childrens Village:

„The Heidehof-Stiftung has been supporting the College since its foundation; we believe that the two-year education students receive at this school can be truly transformative, providing a positive impact on society in the long-term. Today, we are happy to announce that the Heidehof-Stiftung will match the €10.000 raised in a joint effort by the College and its alumni to become a full scholarship for an additional student from a SOS Childrens Village. Through the Alumni and Friends Scholarship, an additional young adult will get the chance to become a member of this extraordinary community.”