03. March 2022


Over the weekend, UWC Robert Bosch College hosted its annual TEDx event, hosted and organized by theTEDx CAS. This year, the speaker list consisted of five first-year students who shared their knowledge and experience with our community around the theme of “What Moves Us.” Students spent the last few months brainstorming, writing their talks and learning speech-writing techniques, vocal exercises, and body movement skills in preparation for the big day. Here are our speakers and their TEDx talk topics.

Maimuna Trawalley – Special? No thanks.

Since when did tolerance become a social competition? The fight for tolerance oftentimes contributes to the very social problem of intolerance. In my TEDx talk, I will describe how socially disadvantaged people are being declared as special because of what causes their disadvantage while this actually doesn’t help.

Jochem Trok – True representation of the queer community? I don’t see it

How your favourite brands, films and series are harmful to your queer friends, why no one notices it, and how everyone believes or thinks that representation as it is now is valuable.

Ania Darbellay – Brain and Guts

Sometimes there is a big gap between your thoughts and your reality. This talk helps you develop the skills of introspection and self-empathy in order to reduce this gap!

Bernarda Malevska – Our Tale with the Stars

Astrology is surrounding our everyday lives from multiple fronts. But what is it that makes it as widespread and popular as it is in the 21st century and where do its roots originate? What is it that makes it as intriguing to us as young adults that it became a part of our culture?

Philémon Sabwanda – Knowledge Buries the World

In my TEDx talk, I split knowledge into 4 kinds and argue why (not how) knowledge, especially scientific knowledge, buries the World. My aim is to make you imagine a world without knowledge, while ultimately, it is impossible to get rid of knowledge. Thus, we are all doomed.

We appreciate our students’ talents and courage to share their experiences, and look forward to learning more from them!