18. February 2019

Inequality and Equity

Inequality and Equity explored on Special Focus Day

Our first Special Focus Day of the year looked at inequality in its various forms. Students and staff put together a diverse program to tackle the issue and identify the roles of each one of us. From education in Latin America, gentrification in Berlin, gender-based affirmative action, language inequality in Africa, the future of inequality or whether Bitcoin/Blockchain play a role in economic (re)distribution – students were invited to attend two seminars / workshops, including a lecture in the morning and in the afternoon. A big thank you to our external guests, and the team from Berlin offering an all-day workshop exploring inequality through theater of the oppressed and anti-discriminatory tools.


24. August 2019
Student Arrival: Welcome Generation 6!

Students arrived on campus on August 23 for another year at UWC Robert Bosch College. 102 first-year students are joining us this term, for the first time also from Ireland, Latvia, Tunisia, Liechtenstein and Haiti. All students scheduled to arrive …

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01. August 2019
Open Day Celebration on Sep 21, 2019

Freiburg’s United World College celebrates its annual Open Day on Saturday, September 21st from 12 – 5 pm. Come visit us for some food, music & cultural activities, or take a guided tour over campus and the historical monastery garden. …

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