06. July 2020

2020 IB Diploma results

Class of 2020 (not all students present): Photo from March, before the lockdown and the College's self-isolation started.
Comment by our Rektor Laurence Nodder:

Dear UWC Robert Bosch College Community,

The official International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma results have published for the Class of 2020. Overall, these are in line with the dedication and commitment of our students, well above what we anticipate as the world average. Congratulations to students and their families who supported them, as well as to their UWC Robert Bosch College (RBC) teachers and their teachers in previous schools. These results are doubly impressive when we remember that the majority of the Class of 2020 had not studied before in English, most had not studied before at an IB school and most had studied in schooling systems that value things differently from the IB. Several had experienced disrupted schooling before coming to RBC. And some students arrived speaking only rudimentary English. That these students have thrived academically at RBC is reward enough!

This is not a usual set of IB Diploma results. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the final examination session was cancelled and students have been graded on the basis of their Internal Assessments in relation to RBC’s achievements over the last five years and the achievements of students worldwide in the respective subjects. Inevitably the grades that arise out of these calculations have the potential to deviate from those that might have been achieved had the final examinations proceeded. With the final examinations generally carrying the biggest weight in the final grade, most students put more emphasis on preparing for the final examinations than they do on internal assessment – and in the meanwhile they experience and contribute richly to “UWC life”, to their services, activities and creative work. Also, students who arrive with strong academic ability and motivation but weak English inevitably get stronger and stronger in an IB sense throughout their two years at the college. Internal Assessment often starts during their first year, and in most subjects is completed in the 1st Semester of their 2nd year.

In simple numbers:

Total points/45 RBC 2020 number of students RBC 2020 % of students RBC 2019 % of students Worldwide 2019 % of students
0-23 points 5 5,0% 4,10% 16,2%
24-29 points 28 28,0% 13,6% 26,26%
30-34 points 26 26,0% 34,4% 24,4%
35-39 points 27 27,0% 25,0% 23,16%
40-45 points 14 14,0% 22,9% 9,98%

The average score (before queries and a few still-to-be-provided grades) for RBC students in 2020 is 33,53. In 2019 it was 35,19. The average score is, per IB calculation, for those who obtain a full IB Diploma.

The Class of 2020 receives these results in highly uncertain times. The majority of our students applied and were accepted on scholarships to study at universities and colleges in the USA, where immigration challenges about because of Covid-19. Many of the US universities and colleges are not yet certain whether or not the first Semester will be online. Uncertainties also exist in most parts of the world where our students have been admitted to continue their studies.

RBC will continue to work closely with our recent graduates: in seeking reviews of grades that were significantly different from those that were anticipated, in facilitating where needs be for students to write their final examinations in the November 2020 session, and in working with them and the universities to which they have been admitted.

With best wishes,

Laurence Nodder


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