09. November 2018

Die Magie der Projektwoche

Projektwochen finden zweimal im Semester statt, jeweils im Herbst und im Frühjahr. Für viele SchülerInnen ist die Woche eine prägende Erfahrung; wie besonders das Erlebnis ist, das hat unser first-year und Schülerjournalist Lorenzo del Prete in diesem kurzen Text reflektiert:

The first Project Week at RBC was an occasion to discover the beauty of new places and new faces. But is it just that? Project Week is also an opportunity for everyone to discover parts of themselves that sometimes remain below the surface during the rush of (extra)ordinary days at RBC. It is a time when hiking is not just hiking, but also making new friendships; when a service to a community becomes a service towards oneself; when a trip around a city becomes a trip inside our consciousness. Each student is led to change, to challenge, to improve, learning to plan routes, to climb a rock, to take collaborative decisions, to collect experiences outside the classroom and to condense theory into concrete results. While sharing our time with our fellows, we get to share our stories, our beliefs and our ideas, and that is the path to stretch our minds, to compare and to understand that diversity is not only about differences, but more often about veiled similarities, which would uncover themselves after exhausting climbing or when we dream of our warm home and our favourite meals. These feelings, once shared, unite us even more with our peers. Project Week is a pause which catapults us between wonderful landscapes away from our textbooks, essays and annoying devices. It is the moment that we realise that the world does not actually end outside the college gate, but rather begins just a step further. And when we get out of the bus, in that very instant we understand that the world is the place the school prepares us to embrace, discover and build.

Von Lorenzo del Prete


20. Februar 2019
Lesung und Konzert mit Holocaust-Zeitzeugin Esther Bejarano

Orient trifft Okzident, die Jüdin den Moslem, die Atheistin den Christen, Süd trifft Nord, alt trifft jung, Frau trifft Mann, Tradition trifft Moderne, Folklore trifft Rap, Hamburg trifft Köln, ausdrucksstarke Stimmen treffen auf geniale Musiker, Spannung trifft auf Harmonie, Herz …

18. Februar 2019
Ungleichheit im Blick

Der erste Thementag 2019 am UWC Robert Bosch College befasste sich mit dem Thema Ungleichheit. SchülerInnen und LehrerInnen stellten ein abwechslungsreiches Programm zusammen, um der Thematik auf den Grund zu gehen und herauszufinden, welche Rolle wir alle in diesen Prozessen …