04. July 2018

Looking for host families for the new school year

For our host-a-student program, we are currently looking for host families to join us starting fall 2018. As part of the program, interested locals in or around Freiburg take in a UWC student on two dedicated weekends per year. The program has been around since the foundation of the College and is aimed to support the young adults from all over the world to build a relationship with the local environment and establish contacts by participating in the every-day life of locals. Those interested in learning more can contact our coordinator Tina Patzelt (0761 70839 602). The host family weekends will take place on October 20/21 this year as well as April 6/7 (2019). Prior to the first weekend, host families are invited to the College on October 14 to get to know ‘their’ student. Learn more about the host-a-student program.