Host Family Program

A home away from home

The host family program is an important part of life at UWC Robert Bosch College: On at least two weekends per year, families from Freiburg or the surrounding region take in one or several students, who get to experience “family life” in its many diverse ways for two days. The program is run and coordinated by a dedicated group of UWC Alumni and volunteers, all of whom have made positive experiences with host family programs during their UWC time. In addition to the weekends, the team organizes an afternoon for families and students to get to know each other. Host parents are also invited to participate in a range of activities at the College, like concerts, theater performances or seasonal festivals. For both students and Freiburg locals, 2016-03-16_1013the program is a unique opportunity to learn from one another and to experience traditions from all over the world. In many cases, the exchange has led to life-long friendships. You can read about one of these in an article by Freiburg’s newspaper Badische Zeitung. Reporter Anja Bochtler has accompanied student Biruk to a surprise party his host family had thrown for him – as a an early farewell to the soon graduating second-year.


Die erste Generation UWC-Schüler verlässt Freiburg: Abschied vom Familienmitglied auf Zeit (veröffentlicht am Do, 10. März 2016 auf

Are you a Freiburg local and interested in being part of the host family program? Or do you have questions? Send an email to: email hidden; JavaScript is required – the team of volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also fill in the below questionnaire directly and e-mail it to our team – this will speed up the process.

Documents and further information on the program:

Upcoming dates:

  • Students meet host families: October 15
  • Host Family Weekend: October 21/22
  • Host Family Weekend: April 14/15

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