You are passionate about education and intercultural communication and interested to share your interests with young adults and colleagues from over 90 countries in a boarding school context? Then UWC is the right place for you. We look forward to receiving your job application, either in response to one of our postings or spontaneously.

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11. September 2018

Science Tutor

Are you a student here in Freiburg studying in the field of science? UWC Robert Bosch College is looking for tutors who are interested in supporting our 16-19 year-old students in their school work and assignments after classes.

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Job type Tutor
Entry date October 1, 2018
Contact person Wiebke Ehmann
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Teaching IB Social and Cultural Anthropology

UWC Robert Bosch College Freiburg seeks a dedicated and inspired educator who is committed to the intellectual, social, and ethical development of students. UWC Robert Bosch College values candidates who are drawn to the particular educational experience of the United World Colleges, and to UWC Robert Bosch College’s unique mission within the movement.

For December 1, 2018, UWC Robert Bosch College is seeking qualified candidates for to teach IB Social and Cultural Anthropology (60% part-time, 13-month maternity leave cover).

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Job type Teaching position (60% part-time, 13-month maternity leave cover)
Entry date December 1, 2018
Contact person Wiebke Ehmann
Contact email address
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12. December 2017

Job openings

Please see more openings listed on our German-language Jobs page: Stellenangebote.

Wiebke Ehmann

Human Resources Manager


How does working or teaching at UWC Robert Bosch College look like? Learn more in our FAQ for potential applicants.

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11. October 2018
Diversity in the classroom

At the heart of our approach to educating students for peace and sustainability is the idea of deliberate diversity: by selecting students from a variety of different backgrounds and by creating a microcosm, a world in miniature, we provide a …

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10. October 2018
My Digital Revolution 3: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Can humanity be a match to independently thinking supercomputers? The examination of artificial intelligence is becoming a key issue in today’s society, and at the same time an increasingly irritating topic. Some are enthusiastic about the rapid pace of innovation …

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