UWC is about more than obtaining an international degree and living abroad. Young adults from all over the world live and learn together for two years; they communicate in English and engage in social projects in their local communities. UWC Robert Bosch College accepts 100 new students ach year: 25 from a German-speaking background and 75 from over 90 countries worldwide. Here is the most important information for applicants and potential students.

UWC is the right fit for you if….
  • you are enthusiastic about new experiences and open to getting to know different people and cultures
  • you are willing to fully commit and contribute to the activities and the social life of the UWC community
  • you have the talent and motivation to successfully complete the academic program
  • you would like to do well, but are not a perfectionist
  • you are resilient and can easily adapt to a changing environment or new situations
  • you show genuine interest in the values of the UWC movement
  • you value dialogue between people from different backgrounds
  • you are able to be emphatic towards the needs of others
  • you do not look at UWC as a way to escape your problems
Initially, I applied at UWC because I wanted to study abroad. However, doing research about the movement, I quickly realized that this is much more than an international experience. My time at UWC Robert Bosch College full of incredible experiences, big challenges and lots of up and downs was exhausting and wonderfully inspiring at the same time and has coined me and my life after UWC strongly (in a positive sense). Anyone applying to UWC should be aware that they have an intense and often stressful time with lots of challenges ahead; in fact, maybe this should be the main motivator to apply.

Alumni (2014-16), currently studies at the University of Rochester in the USA

How can I apply?

Applicants interested in attending a United World College apply through the National Committee in their home countries. A direct application at UWC Robert Bosch College or most other UWCs is not possible, with the exception of the Young Refugees Scholarship Program for Germany and for applicants from countries without National Committees (see below).

Find your National Committee

Are you ready for UWC? This video about our sister College in Mostar gives good insights into what being a UWC student means.

Short Courses

Some UWC Schools and National Committees offer short courses in addition to the regular 2-year IBDP program. These 2-3 week-long courses often take place during the summer break and allow participants from all over the world to get familiarized with UWC concepts and gain  intercultural understanding.



For many years, the 17 United World Colleges worldwide have reserved scholarship places for students with a refugee background. Altogether, this group of applicants makes up 5% of the total student population at UWCs. Starting in 2017, UWC International has called into action the ‘Refugee Initiative’: the goal is to create 100 additional scholarships for young adults with a refugee status. This program is supported by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

More about the initiative
The Young Refugees Scholarship Program at UWC Robert Bosch College

Young refugees now living in Germany can apply directly at UWC Robert Bosch College, as an application from their home countries is usually not possible. Since the foundation of the College, we have reserved at least two places for students with a refugee background and provide full scholarships along with these. Interested candidates can email us at [email protected]. Please include a brief summary of the applicant’s background as well as contact details.

Team member name


Admissions and University Counsellor
+49 (0)761 708 396 20
[email protected]


There are some rare cases in which students cannot apply via their National Committee, for example, because there is no committee in their home country. In these cases, a direct application is possible.

Next steps?

Contact UWC International and request a confirmation that an application via your National Committee is not possible. Note: because we do not reserve spots for this group of applicants, we cannot guarantee placement.

UWC International

is located in London and is the umbrella organization supporting all UWC Schools and Colleges as well as the National Committees. Learn more about the application process or contact UWC International.


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