To pass the IB Diploma, students choose six subjects from a pool of natural sciences, mathematics, languages and social sciences, three of them on higher level and three on standard level. In addition, they write an Extended Essay about a topic of their choice, participate in the interdisciplinary course Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and spend at least 150 hours on their Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) projects.

UWC Robert Bosch College fosters an environment that pushes you to make your own goals and accomplish them. The intense academic programme (IB) is complemented by excellent facilities and approachable staff.
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At UWC Robert Bosch College, we offer the study of Language and Literature in English, German, French, Arabic, Spanish and Self-taught (i.e.the mother tongue). Our teachers come from all around the globe: Australia, Singapore, Wales, Chile, Germany, the USA and Lebanon. The focus of this class is to feed the student’s interest in language and literature as well as to polish their ability to critically analyze literary and non-literary texts. See the IB-Definition.




UWC Robert Bosch College has a special focus on natural sciences. This subject group consists of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Systems and Societies (interdisciplinary subject). The overarching topic in these subjects is sustainability, which is thoroughly implemented in all classes, focusing on the use of technology for sustainable purposes. As not to disregard the practical aspects of experimental sciences, the school has implemented a scientific project week, which takes place once a year. See the IB-Definition.


What is knowledge? Do we really know what we think we know? The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course is an invitation to all students to embrace new thoughts, ideas and perspectives and to look at them critically. They learn that knowledge is based on presuppositions, feelings, language and logic and that there are lots of different ways of knowing. TOK is an interdisciplinary subject which is taught by teachers from all six subject groups. See the IB-Definition.





Language Acquisition classes can be taken in English, French and German. The focus of this course lies on strengthening already existing language skills. Using topics and examples from their corresponding cultural background, the students improve their written and oral command of the language. See the IB-Definition.


The subject group of mathematics is a central part of the UWC education. It is taught as a Standard and Higher Level Course. Students can chose between two different courses: Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches and  Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation. While the first one is of particular interest to students with a preference for sciences and mathematics, the latter targets students interested in the social sciences.
See the IB-Definition.



The Extended Essay is 4000 words long and enables students to freely choose an area of interest and to work on a topic within this area while deepening their knowledge of the subject matter. A teacher supervises this process through which they familiarize themselves with academic writing and research. This experience is completed by visits to the university library of Freiburg and workshops about correct citations by the UWC librarian. See the IB-Definition.


The field of social sciences at UWC Robert Bosch College covers Economics, Environmental Systems & Societies, European History, Asian History, Political Thought and Social and Cultural Anthropology. The main aim of the courses consists in the analysis and understanding of human behavior and experience, as well as in identifying correlations, for example between our behavior and cultural imprint. See the IB-Definition.


In the artistic field, UWC Robert Bosch college offers Theatre and Visual Arts. This subject group aims to promote the teenager’s creative capabilities whilst arming them with the necessary tools for critical thinking and practical research. See the IB-Definition.


CAS (Creativity, Activity & Service) has its focus on promoting student’s competence in extra-academic fields. Many of the activities and creativities are supervised by students themselves. In the field of service, the school works closely with organizations located in the city of Freiburg. CAS wants students to practice experience-based learning by encouraging them to get out of their comfort zones and identify areas of interest or challenges that allow them to grow. To see how CAS is implemented at UWC Robert Bosch College, click here.