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11. October 2018
Diversity in the classroom

At the heart of our approach to educating students for peace and sustainability is the idea of deliberate diversity: by selecting students from a variety of different backgrounds and by creating a microcosm, a world in miniature, we provide a …

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10. October 2018
My Digital Revolution 3: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Can humanity be a match to independently thinking supercomputers? The examination of artificial intelligence is becoming a key issue in today’s society, and at the same time an increasingly irritating topic. Some are enthusiastic about the rapid pace of innovation …

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09. October 2018
A day to share stories & perspectives

by Lorenzo Del Prete (first year student journalist) On September 22, staff and students of UWC Robert Bosch College (UWCRBC) invited the Freiburg community as well as guests from all over Germany and Europe to join them on campus for …

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28. September 2018
Project Week Fall 2018

Starting this coming weekend until October 6th, our students will be away from campus for the first Project Week of the term. Together with staff supervisors, they came up with 28 projects, most of them with a service-oriented or outdoor …

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11. September 2018
Open Day

On Saturday, September 22, we will open our campus to visitors from Freiburg and beyond. Come and explore UWC Robert Bosch College, take a tour over campus with students, learn more about the UWC movement and find out how to …

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24. August 2018
Student Arrival Day Update

On August 24, our students arrived at UWC Robert Bosch College for the fall term 2018 – 98 second-year students and 106 first-year students coming from over 100 countries, this year including the Bahamas, Honduras, Mauritius and Zambia for the …

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11. July 2018
Making a difference beyond UWC

Earlier this term, second-year students (and now recent graduates) Paul from the Philippines and Yvonne from Burkina Faso have received two of this year’s GoMakeADifference awards for their project ideas. Starting 2016, the founders of GoMakeADifference have rolled out their …

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04. July 2018
UWC alumnus publishes book about his life as a refugee

Alumnus John Michael Koffi (2015-17) attended UWC Robert Bosch College as a student of the second generation. A refugee since childhood, John Michael was on the move for a big part of his life: because his family belonged to an …

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04. July 2018
Looking for host families for the new school year

For our host-a-student program, we are currently looking for host families to join us starting fall 2018. As part of the program, interested locals in or around Freiburg take in a UWC student on two dedicated weekends per year. The …

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14. June 2018
Summer Break has started

The summer break has officially started at UWC Robert Bosch College today! With the first-year students leaving campus on June 13, our campus will get quieter during the months of June, July and August. All students will return on August …

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School Term Dates 2018/2019

Find the most important key dates for the academic year 2018/2019 here for download.

UWCRBC_School Term Dates_2018_19 22 KB


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