As the first United World College in Germany, the Robert Bosch College will allow young people from all around the world to prepare for a globalized world: In the spirit of Robert Bosch, students at UWC are encouraged to strive for international awareness, tolerance and to take social responsibility. Baden-Württemberg acknowledges the significance of this organization and its exemplary commitment to intercultural understanding. Handing down such values from one generation to another is of fundamental importance for any free and open society. Besides that, UWC will offer an exceptional opportunity for the exporting industrial center of Baden-Württemberg to increase its global network as future international leaders will come to know and appreciate this area.

Against this context, the government of Baden-Württemberg has decided to financially support the UWC Robert Bosch College from the opening of its doors in September 2014 onwards. An investment certain to bear fruits.

Dr. Nils Schmid

Stellvertretender Ministerpräsident
und Minister für Finanzen und Wirtschaft