"UWC Robert Bosch College doesn’t simply bring young people from different backgrounds together. It creates an educational framework where students and their teachers live, learn and serve together." More…

Laurence Nodder

Rektor of UWC Robert Bosch College


What is UWC?

Not your average school. Click on the video to learn why.


Free tours at UWC
Robert Bosch College

No student tours available in the semester break from Mai to July. Click here for more information on dates starting August.


The world meets in Freiburg

Do you want to find out where our students are coming from? 104 young adults from 71 different countries – take a look at our interactive map and explore! More…


Series portraying our students in the Badische Zeitung

How does a peaceful living together look like at UWC Robert Bosch College? Five articles portray student pairs from different countries or cultural backgrounds now living on our campus. Click here to read the stories (only available in German).

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