26. August 2022

A new school year begins

The 8th and 9th generation of students have safely arrived at UWC Robert Bosch College. For the next year, 198 students from 90 countries will live and learn together in Freiburg, bringing with ideas, perspectives and stories and turning our campus into a platform of exchange.
During our first assembly as a new school community, Rektor Laurence Nodder welcomed all students to RBC and reminded us of the enormous diversity among our student body — in terms of backgrounds, language, culture, habits and, not least, distance traveled to get to Freiburg.
This year, in response to the war in Ukraine, we will include students from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Finland, Latvia and Estonia.
During the first 10 days, first-year students will get to know the College and each other during an activity-packed and varied student orientation program, with classes scheduled to begin on September 5th. All second-years start their third term on a class retreat in the Black Forest. We wish all of our students a good start to their UWC journey and look forward to a new school year!


07. December 2023
RBC participates in Erasmus+ Jean Monet Project

The Erasmus+ Jean Monet Project has been established to educate on European topics at IB schools. RBC was among the five participating European IB schools – including three UWC Colleges – to send a student and staff delegation to Brussels …

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09. October 2023
Rektor´s Letters

Latest Update In this section, you can find the most recent letter / update from Rektor Laurence Nodder informing parents, guardians, National Committees on news, events and life at UWC Robert Bosch College; earlier updates can be found at the …

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Key dates for the current school year 2023/2024

Here you can download the most important key data and dates for the school year 2023/2024.

RBC_School Calendar_2023_2024