23. February 2023

“A second home in Freiburg”: RBC’s Host Family Program

Our alumna from Ukraine on her Host Family experience

Our host family program enables RBC students to get to know and spend time with a local family in or around Freiburg. At the moment, we can count 102 families hosting one or more students on two dedicated weekends per year – a big thank you to our host families for their time and support!

Sometimes, warm and lasting friendships result from this program; our former student from Ukraine, Iryna, has shared with us her experience of staying and connecting with her host family: “Before this experience, I could not imagine someone welcoming a stranger into their home and treating them like their own child! In the midst of the war in my home country Ukraine, my host family welcomed me as a part of the family over the summer and gave me a second home here in Freiburg. During this time, I had an opportunity to immerse myself in German culture and life and further explore Schwarzwald and Baden-Württemberg, which was an incredible experience! Sharing many common interests such as running, hiking, and traveling, my host family and I developed a great connection: we continue staying in touch and hope to meet sometime in the future! I am incredibly grateful for their openness, kindness, and generosity, and for giving me a feeling of home and belonging.”

With the next host weekend coming up on the March 25th-26th, we are currently looking for “new” families to join the program, taking in one of the 15 students still without a host family. Contact us if interested or help spread the word – more information about the program can be found here.


10. July 2024

Written by student Vivi Engebrigtsen (RBC 2023-25) Since 2022, the Erasmus+-supported Jean Monnet Network has worked to bring students at International Baccalaureate schools into the European loop through educational field trips and projects focusing on the EU. Following last year’s …

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08. July 2024
IB-Diploma Results for the Class of 2024

On July 6th, the IB published the results for IB-Diploma students worldwide. We would like to congratulate our 9th generation of students at RBC for their achievements! Here’s a message from our Rektor Laurence Nodder: “Since its beginning in 2014, …

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Key dates for the current school year 2023/2024

Here you can download the most important key data and dates for the school year 2023/2024.

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Key dates for the upcoming school year 2024/2025

Here you can download the most important key data and dates for the school year 2024/2025.

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