22. July 2022

Raising €16500 for SOS Children’s Villages scholarship

Recent graduates Claire and Nora addressing our concert guests. Photo: Alexander Schmitt

“When you live and learn in a community built on deliberate diversity, meaningful conversations and friendships come naturally, and they shift perspectives as we settle into every-day life together acknowledging and celebrating our differences yet not letting it define us.”

Here’s an excerpt from the opening speech our recent graduates Claire and Nora held in front of 1450 guests attending our charity concert at Konzerthaus Freiburg early July. Today, we’re glad to announce that the concert helped raise €16.500, a fantastic result. The money will support a scholarship for our Palestinian student joining us this summer from SOS Children’s Villages International. Thank you to all who helped make this possible – the concert guests, our amazing team, and of course Freiburger Bachchor, the soloists and the Bosch choir and symphony orchestra performing a brilliant Beethoven ninth under Hannes Reich’s leadership. And not to forget our schoolboard chair Dr. Christof Bosch and Stadt Freiburg mayor Ulrich von Kirchbach for their support and welcome words.

If you would still like to contribute towards the scholarship, you can use this form to make a donation. We are looking forward to a possible repeat of this event next year!


10. August 2022
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31. July 2022
Visit our Open Day on September 17, 2022

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Key dates for the current school year 2022/2023

Here you can download the most important key data and dates for the school year 2022/2023.

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