07. December 2023

RBC participates in Erasmus+ Jean Monet Project

The Erasmus+ Jean Monet Project has been established to educate on European topics at IB schools. RBC was among the five participating European IB schools – including three UWC Colleges – to send a student and staff delegation to Brussels this March (30 + 31) to learn more about a wide range of bodies within the European Union.

Our students Ellen, Max and Tudor have summarized their experiences for us. Learn more about the project on the dedicated JMP project page.

“The trip to Brussels showed me how that the things I learn in my Global politics classroom matter. It was amazing to see that the concepts and theories I familiarized myself with over the last year find real-world applications by people. Since I am European, I was especially interested in talking to members of the EU parliament, as their decisions have a great impact on my life. I identify with the values of the EU and believe that we Europeans gain an incredible amount from our cooperation on this level. And even if it was just for a few days, being part of this cross-border cooperation and experiencing the work of the EU not only strengthened my believe in the EU but motivated me in pursuing my dream of working as a politician advocating for the values I stand for.”
(Max, Germany, RBC 2022-24)

“As a citizen of the European union, the experience in Brussels provided me with a unique opportunity to understand more about the internal structure of the organization that I so admire. I was glad to learn that I was participating in a new type of Erasmus exchange program, which was, in this case, created for schools instead of individuals or NGOs. I believe that I can speak on behalf of all of my UWC RBC peers who also attended when stating that I felt privileged to be able to debate the important issue of migration with the brilliant students representing other schools while visiting such a significant European capital.”
(Tudor, Romania, RBC 2022-24 )

“This Erasmus+ project allowed me to further understand my European identity by providing a space for truly immersing myself in the policies and politics of the EU. In addition we were able to participate in invaluable dialogue with individuals that actively participate and impact the very policies and politics that we had simulated in our MUN style debate. I truly believe that hands on experiences like this help young people who are interested in politics and international relations to truly understand the fields that interest them. Bringing in youth to spaces like the European Parliament ensures that the next generation understand the importance and functions of these institutions.”
(Ellen, Finland, RBC 2022-24 )


02. May 2024
Congratulations, Class of 2024

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25. April 2024
Building Common Ground: Film about the creation of RBC at Kommunales Kino | June 3, 19:30

The creation of an unlikely place: Filmmaker and UWC graduate Lars Ostmann will show his film “Building Common Ground” at The Freiburg Theater “Kommunales Kino”. As part of the series Freiburger Fenster, the film will shed light on who young …

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