03. February 2023

RBC students visit locals schools to share their stories

Credits to Montessori Zentrum Angell

Share your story – spreading awareness: within the weekly service program at RBC, a group of students visit local Freiburg schools to share their experiences, initiate discussions in English and help raise awareness about social, environmental or political issues important to them. There is, for example, Belen’s journey of becoming a feminist in Bolivia, Christian’s experience of discrimination of Swedish-speaking minorities in Finland or Anna’s account on the absurd beauty standards of social media, to name a few topics. All presenters believe in the importance of raising awareness through storytelling.

Recently, students from Taiwan, Bolivia, Tanzania, Madagascar and Finland attended a bilingual biology class at Montessori Zentrum Angell in Freiburg. We thank the students and teachers at Angell for their interest and the exchange; here is an article about the visit that was published on Angell’s website.

If you want our group to visit your class, contact us – students are available on Wednesday mornings from January until April!


21. September 2023
Launch of a new UWC Sustainability Website

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25. August 2023
Student Arrival: Welcome 9th and 10th generation!

Good news: all the students RBC anticipated arriving on the 24th August, have arrived on campus. The evening was disrupted by a major lightning, wind and rainstorm that delayed some transport arrangements and caused damage to many trees. What a …

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Key dates for the current school year 2022/2023

Here you can download the most important key data and dates for the school year 2022/2023.

RBC Key Dates for 2022/2023 School Year

Key dates for the upcoming school year 2023/2024

Here you can download the most important key data and dates for the school year 2023/2024.

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