Global Affairs

Debating world issues and politics


“Global Affairs has challenged me to express oppsing points of view. I see it as an exposure to reality.” (Nick from Canada, 2016-2018)

A UWC staple and part of our extra-curricular program: Every Tuesday night, the College community organizes the event “Global Affairs” – a platform for learning about and discussing issues that are relevant in our world today. The topics are as diverse as our student body itself, ranging from environmental governance to gender studies, from the work of the U.N. to the politics of language. Often, the subjects mirror problems or conditions that occur in students’ home countries. The idea of the event is for the students to acquire new knowledge and promote discussions, taking into account a variety of point of views. “Global Affairs are most interesting when there is many different opinions, some even radically opposed. This is how students learn to live with conflict, or to find ways to solve it”, says Rector Laurence Nodder.

Global Affairs: Examples of Speakers and Topics

  • Ritual as a way of healing (William Sax)
  • German Fastnacht – Ritual & Identity (Peter Kalchtaler)
  • Documentary about the Green Belt Movement
    “Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai”
  • Theater & Therapeutic Dance (Monica Gilette)
  • Women’s Day — Student Contributions
  • Extractive Industries & Transparency (Richard Dion)
  • No life without death – The necessity of apoptosis (Dr. Christoph Borner)
  • My Digital Revolution — The Google Story (John Gerosa)
  • Ecological Sustainability and other troubles throughout the world: Where is the nexus? (Hannah McKinnon)
  • Codes of Tolerance (Hubertus Hoffmann)
  • The German political scene, a microcosm of political forces around the world (Dr. Christian Hodeige)
  • Circular Economy (Christian Felber)
  • Language Revival and TOK (Ghil’ad Zuckermann)

Irish activist Olivia McEvoy spoke about LGBT rights. She visited the College just a few weeks before Ireland said ‘yes’ to same-sex marriage in a country-wide referendum.


Dr. Graf von Sponeck visited UWC Robert Bosch College to speak about his work at the U.N.


US-American Reginald Anthony, lecturer at the local German-American Institute, organized a talk around Black History Month with student Tafara (Zimbabwe).