Library policies

Our library policies cover all the important aspects of the proper and effective use of the library and its resources.

Lending terms:

Books 21 days (with 1 renewal for another 21 days possible);
DVDs 7 days (with 1 renewal for another 7 days possible);
Journals 7 days (with 1 renewal for another 7 days possible).

Lost or damaged material: Students are expected to pay a contribution of 10€ (or less for less expensive items) for the purchase of replacement copies of any library media (book, DVD or other) that they lose or damage. For lost or damaged textbooks, students are expected to pay the full replacement price (as indicated by the librarian) and replacement copies will only be issued after the costs are paid.

Code of conduct: As part of the Library Strategy, this describes the rules and expectations for the use of library space and the library resources – PDF.