10. Juli 2023

IB Diploma Ergebnisse 2023

Last week, the International Bachalaureate published the final results for the 2023 graduates – we would like to congratulate all our students on their fantastic achievements. With a grade point average of 35.2 (global average being 30.24), RBC maintains its strong track record; indeed, as Rektor Laurence Nodder says, „they are outstanding in the context of the backgrounds of our students”:

„These official grades supplement the extraordinary growth and development of each graduate during their almost-two years’ at RBC, which in my view is the most important form of learning at a UWC. With sufficient financial resources, one can study for the IB Diploma in most parts of the world. Only at a UWC can one learn – in the broadest sense – in the context of forming community with a deliberately diverse student and staff body, with all the joy, challenge and opportunity that this brings. I want to pay special tribute to those students who arrived in August 2021 at RBC never having studied before through English, several who arrived with only rudimentary English. Your achievements are doubly remarkable and quite possibly still do not reflect your abilities fully.”

Results 2023
IB points
RBC 2023
RBC 2023
RBC 2022
RBC 2019
world 2022
world 2019
0-23 points 2 2,4% 1,2% 4,1% 10,92% 18,14%
24-29 points 6 7,1% 13,1% 13,6% 23,09% 30,42%
30-34 points 22 26,2% 25,0% 34,4% 27,81% 26,11%
35-39 points 40 47,6% 33,3% 25,0% 23,48% 17,73%
40-45 points 14 16,7% 27,4% 22,9% 14,70% 7,61%




08. Juli 2024
IB-Diploma Ergebnisse des 9. Jahrgangs

Am 6. Juli veröffentlichte das IB (International Bachalaureate) die Ergebnisse aller IB-Diploma Schüler:innen weltweit. Wir möchten der 9. Generation Schüler:innen am UWC Robert Bosch College herzlich zu den Ergebnissen gratulieren, die laut Rektor Laurence Nodder “hervorragend” sind ― ein Zitat …

18. Juni 2024
Verabschiedung von Gründungsrektor Laurence Nodder

Am 13. Juni verabschiedeten wir den Gründungsrektor des UWC Robert Bosch College Laurence Nodder sowie seine Frau, Kunst- und TOK-Lehrerin Debbie Nodder. Zur Feier reisten 150 Gäste aus ganz Deutschland und aus aller Welt nach Freiburg, um Laurence und Debbie …



Eckdaten für das laufende Schuljahr 2023/2024

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Eckdaten für das kommende Schuljahr 2024/2025

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