06. Juli 2022

IB-Ergebnisse des Abschlussjahrgangs 2022

Alles Gute für unsere 7. Generation! © Kamal Mahatara
Kommentar unseres Rektors Laurence Nodder:

The May 2022 IB Diploma results have been released. I am pleased to report that, overall, RBC graduates have achieved slightly higher grades than we had anticipated. Overall, they have done very well indeed!
Each of the six IB subjects is graded out of seven points, and there are a further three points for the combined results of Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay, giving a total of 45 points. The cumulated RBC results are as follows:


IB Points No of Diploma students 2022 % of students


% of students


% of students 2020 % of students 2019
0-23 points 1 1,2% 1,0% 2,0% 4,1%
24 – 29 points 11 13,1% 5,1% 29,0% 13,6%
30-34 points 21 25,0 % 25,5% 18,0% 34,4%
35-39 points 28 33,3% 35,7% 35,0% 25,0%
40-45 points 23 27,4% 32,7% 16,0% 22,9%

The three students who have not yet obtained a full Diploma and the four students who were not able to write all their examinations /complete all components because of health reasons will have an opportunity to do so in November.

We congratulate the students, their RBC teachers and Dr. Christian Bock who leads the academic programme at RBC, for these outstanding results achieved under the difficult constraints of the Covid-19 pandemic. I am convinced that our students’ being on campus throughout the published semesters, participating in “in-person” (albeit masked!) classes for almost all the time, helped create the conditions where the RBC students overall have achieved so strongly. We also congratulate the students’ families and their earlier teachers. As is said in some parts of Africa: it takes a village to raise a child!

Every year I point out that academic results are only one measure of the worth of a UWC education. RBC is a school, and it is important that students also are able to achieve the academic results commensurate with their potential and effort together with their educational and linguistic backgrounds. But it would be a poor UWC that measured its purpose mainly on the academic results of its students. The grades have a short period of high importance: as RBC’s new graduates seek admission to their places of further education. Soon afterwards, the grades recede into the background. The deeper experiences and learnings of living in a deliberately diverse, engaged and motivated community in pursuit of the UWC Mission are what endures.


21. November 2022
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21. November 2022
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