06. Juli 2022



Im Folgenden finden Sie den jeweils aktuellen Brief (im Englischen) unseres Rektors an die Elternschaft und die Betreuerinnen und Betreuer unserer Schülerinnen und Schüler sowie die Nationalkomittees. Vergangene Briefe finden Sie am Ende des Berichts.

6th July 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians of Incoming 1st Year Students,

Please know that I look forward to welcoming your children, RBC’s new students, on the 25th August 2022, as they start their intensive two-year residential UWC experience which includes their study within the framework of the International Baccalaureate Diploma.
Your children, RBC’s new students’, two-year adventure most likely will include many moments of excitement and enjoyment as well as times of a sense of dislocation from their own families, friends and societies. There will be extended periods of hard work and deep challenge. Almost certainly it will be a time of great growth, slowly but surely the making of many friendships, and of much learning. No doubt some of the learning will be of a salutary nature. For many, limits will be tested. The inevitable nature of promotional material and alumni accounts is that the sunny and fun side of the two-year journey is emphasized. It is human nature that when we speak of UWC we tend to emphasize the things that are different from our previous schools. It sometimes comes as a shock to students when they realize that RBC is a school, with lessons to attend, assignments to complete, tests and examinations to be written!

If you have read earlier letters to Parents and Guardians on the RBC website (www.uwcrobertboschcollege.de) you will understand that my approach as Rektor is based on creating sufficient “space” for students to grow into becoming autonomous young adults, within the reassuring presence of adults and in a community that cares about their welfare. This is a time for your children, RBC’s students, to explore who they are away from home, the nature of the wider “world”, their sense of worth and sense of purpose. Also, my thinking is that when your children, RBC’s graduates, leaves this place (most proceed to university), there will be no-one closely regulating for instance their sleep, their presence on or off-campus etc. Most people only learn their own limits by pushing up hard against them or by prudently observing others pushing up against their limits. Please do not mistake the granting of relative autonomy as a lack of interest on the side of the staff and the Rektor. The RBC “way” often is the harder way for caring adults in an institution that works hard to be responsible.

Hubertus Zander, the RBC Admissions Officer and Career Counselor, is the main point of RBC contact in the period leading up to your children’s arrival at RBC, including in practical matters. But I will touch on one practicality. So far, RBC has not decided on the Covid-related arrangements for students to arrive on campus on the 25th August. To reassure: every published beginning- and end-of-Semester date including throughout the pandemic has been met. RBC has stayed open for students throughout, even though for short periods classes needed to be conducted online (with students on campus!). This is an example of RBC’s sense of responsibility. Over the last two and a half years we have learnt that Covid circumstances sometimes have changed quickly. I do not think it sensible to predict Covid circumstances seven weeks into the future. RBC will inform you and all students of the practical welcoming-onto-campus Covid arrangements by the 11th August, a fortnight before students’ arrival on campus. What you can count on is that RBC will re-open on the 25th August 2022.
I will be on leave until the 8th August, and will not be attending to correspondence during this time. In general terms, please feel invited to write whenever you wish throughout your child’s enrolment at RBC and in a language of your comfort, even though my response will be in English. My email address is: laurence.nodder@uwcrobertboschcollege.de

I look forward to meeting your child and to serving as their Rektor.
With best wishes,
Laurence Nodder


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