23. Februar 2024

Update von unserem Rektor


Im Folgenden finden Sie den jeweils aktuellen Brief (im Englischen) unseres Rektors an die Elternschaft und die Betreuer:innen unserer Schüler:innen sowie die Nationalkomittees. Vergangene Briefe finden Sie am Ende des Berichts.

22nd February 2024

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I have been the Head of a UWC since April 1999, and have learnt over the last 25 years that there are typical rhythms in the life of UWCs. This is the time of the 2nd/4th Semester when many within the community typically feel stretched and stressed. 1st year students have gained the new and important subject, Theory of Knowledge, and have started the process of their extended essays – this in addition to the already full formal and informal programmes. 2nd year students are approaching their Mock examinations – these start next Friday. The stretch and stress show in the length of the queue at the Nurse’s Office each morning, general wellness not being helped by a couple of virus infections doing the rounds. (Also, several teachers have needed to take periods of sick leave.)

There are many special events, both formal and informal student-inspired and led events, that punctuate the semester, complementing the regular college programme. For instance, the community accomplished another generally successful Project Week (4th – 9th February), the whole of last week there was a focus provided by the RBC Afro-Caribbean community culminating in a wonderful student show on the Saturday evening. Following on from the highly successful Inequality Special Focus Day in January, this Friday (23rd) is the Model United Nations (MUN) Special Focus Day with the theme: “How does the UN make peace or fail to do so”. While the 2nd year students are writing their Mock Examinations, 1st year students focus on their week-long Liveable Cities project and on data collection for their “G4” (Experimental Sciences) internal assessment.

If you are able, this is a good time to reach out to your child, RBC’s student, to “check-in” with them.

Next week, several colleagues, two students and I are scheduled to attend a UWC Congress. The UWC Congress brings together a wide range of people: those involved in the schools and colleges, at least one representative from each of the 160 UWC National Committee representative, Governance representatives including from each of each of the schools and colleges, the UWC Council and the UWC International Board, International Office staff and several donors. Generally, a Congress takes place every six years. It is time to take stock, to gain inspiration, to look ahead. The broad theme this time is “Education as a Force” – taken from the Mission Statement. Five areas gain particular attention: Curriculum, Teaching & Learning; Admissions; Wellbeing; Financial Sustainability; and Educational Leadership and Partnerships. For more insight, I invite you to read https://www.uwc.org/congress

For those of you who might be in the vicinity of Freiburg on Saturday 2nd March, there is a “Kultur in der Kartaus” performance by Berlin-based jazz vocalist Amanda Becker and RBC/Freiburg/London jazz pianist Will Bartlett, starting at 20:00. Refreshments (and campus tours) are available starting 19:00. Traditionally, the Kultur in der Kartaus series raises funds for scholarships for further students from SOS Children’s Villages to attend RBC. Entrance is free, donations welcome.

Looking ahead, the Spring/Easter break starts at 18:00 on Tuesday 26th March. Campus remains open over this break. Typically over half the students spend some or all of the break on Campus, and catering continues in the Mensa. Students who leave at any stage during the break are expected to return to campus by 21:00 on Sunday 7th April.

With best wishes,

Laurence Nodder


UWC Robert Bosch College


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